Celebrating 30 Years in Business

The year of 2020 marked our 30th year in business!!  The year 2020 will also be remembered by all and future generations to come due to the Covid Pandemic.  As 2019 was ending, we were anticipating the approach of 2020 with pure excitement, since it would be the celebration of our 30th year in business.  Unfortunately, 2020 has been a struggle for everyone.  The pandemic has affected not only us, our friends, our family, but the entire world from all aspects of life including physical health, mental health, and monetary losses, to name a few. 

Despite the struggles we all endured and the challenges we all overcame in 2020, we are thankful that our business survived.  The last 30 years of performing, instructing, and volunteering have been such a pleasure.  Thanks to all our students and clients for the memorable times we had while teaching and performing!  We look forward to many more years of service in our community!